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What is a Doula?

A doula is trained non-medical professional who provides continuous emotional, mental and physical support to mothers and families during pregnancy, labour and postpartum journey. 

A person that offers words of encouragement, empowerment and affirmation.

Someone who can be trusted and offers a judgement free environment and allowing you to bask in every second of this experience  

Benefits include:

  • Reduced birth inequities

  • Reduced chance of preterm births & cesarean birth 

  • Fewer negative birth experiences

  • Evidenced-based information and Advocacy 

  • Increased confidence & decrease anxiety 


For more research on the benefits of utilizing a doula:

Why The Miracle of Life?

What makes TMoL unique is the approach to serving families like yours. Our mission is to help you to gather tools that help you parent confidently and intuitively from the start.

There is no right or wrong time in hiring a doula as it is a personal decision. No mother/family is taken lightly as our exclusive services are tailored to meet your needs. Advocacy is important to us; we keep in mind that this is YOUR story, not someone else's.

No matter how your baby comes into the world, no matter your birth process and delivery, we look forward to supporting you on this journey.

Don't wait any longer, let us give you the most pleasant experience into motherhood!

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