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My Dear Perfection,

I apologize while you sleep.

You are Honesty. Truth. Perfection.
But so soon You will find out,
What kind of world I've brought You into.
One no longer Kin to You.

Adults have divided themselves from You,
with their politics, religions, nationalities, philosophies.
With ancient conflicts between mere words,
Their Lies.

How I wish You could remain a child,
To remain this close to God,
As close as once was I,
But the world needs your wisdom,
As have I,
And many more children as wise as You,
And as close to God.

Only You can save us,
From what we have become,
The Defenders of, and the Attackers of,
These ancient invisible borders,
Defending medieval magic beliefs.

Lives killing Truth, and Dying to defend but lies.
Defending our accumulation of acquired ignorance.
Forgetting, that we too, were once like You,
We too,  were once   The Truth.

Your life alone, as mine, will not correct this old tide.
Many have come before You and have fallen,
Victims of our many ancient confusions.
Healthy bodies. Perfect Minds,
Crippled by Mere Words.

Crusading Missionaries still rule this world, and so,
You will suffer at the hands,
Of lesser beings than yourself.
Beings like me.
Who now must teach You about them,
And tarnish your Perfection,
So that You can live among them,
And sacrifice yourself to save them,
Without being Crucified,
For being You, and not at all like them.

Your joy will be to change the world.
Your sorrow will be that it will change You.
Just another Perfection,
Sacrificed for the future of Life.

You are that Perfection.
You are The Creation.
You are the Hand of God.
You will carry the wisdom of our centuries.
You will suffer the confusion of our history.
You will leave your contribution to our legacy.

You are the evolution of Life.
You are the future of Humanity.
You are the Child of God.
You are the Creator of our Destiny.
And your task will make you old.
Like me.

So, forgive me.
I had to bring you into this world to save it.
Knowing fully,
What those here will do to Perfection...

    ...as to so many Children who came before You.

  It has been the Story of Life.

Century after century,
it is YOU who save us from the ignorance of our past,
allowing Creation to Endure and Continue,
from the darkness of its barbaric ancestry,
towards the Light of its potential future.

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