Welcome to my Home,    Earth.   Here, We are All the Defenders of Creation 


To survive in the world...
every ancient village and tribe invented languages,
and other forms of Human Cooperation.

We Called these many forms of UNITY...
" a Family ", " a Tribe ", " a Community ", " a Village ",
" a Religion " or "a Nation ".

This UNITY, the accumulating effort, talent and Wisdom,
is so important in making us Human,
that we would risk our lives to protect it and preserve it,
for our children.

What father would not defend his children from those
who attack the Love and Unity of our Human Family?
A Father Defending Creation
And so, every Attacker of God's Creation is met by
  the Defender of God's Creation.
But which is which?
Which Life is Not what God has Chosen to Create?

No nations and no religions were created by God.

Attackers convince themselves that their attack is Justified,
and teach their children to Hate and Kill Creation,
to defend their version of Village Unity and Brotherly Love.
Attackers and Defenders

Defenders require no convincing to defend the children and this Creation,
this Real Creation of whatever Real God,
from the nations and religions that Attack God's Reality,
over mere beliefs.

There are no Physical solutions to Humanity's Mental Problems.
Our language is 'British', our Math is 'Arabic', our Government is 'Greek'.
We are neither borders nor beliefs. We are Humanity.
We are the Children of the inventors.

Which Attackers of which borders and beliefs are the "Good Ones"?

Which Defenders of God's Children are the "Evil Ones"?
Not a Single One.

Nations are not Alive and religions are not God.
The Truth, ( the actual history of Life ), is the Same for all of them,
and every living thing,
but even, all together, they can not tell you what the Truth is.
They do all agree, that whatever it is, it is the Same for all of us.

If we all knew the TRUTH, then...


We   Could   Just   Dance ! ! !

Nations, Religions,   or Truth.

When they speak TRUTH , then EVERY nation and religion speaks the SAME TRUTH.
Their differences are only the LIES they tell.
We curse, condemn, and kill each other to defend Humanity ONLY from the LIES .

We know LITTLE of Truth, and can not know whose words are Lies.
Their's or Our's ?
We DO KNOW that, whatever the Truth is, we will find it sooner Together.

KNOWING THIS, why can't we Dance together NOW ? !
WITHOUT using MURDER to erase what we suspect might be LIES.

And that only OTHERS can point out to us ...
... but only, if we don't convert or kill them.

We know languages, nations and religions ONLY to the extent that we were TOLD.
Should all God's Children KILL all God's Children because we have ALL been LIED TO?
It is time to LISTEN to the accumulated Wisdom of the World.
As we Dance.

Our Current Condition

To defend our Unity from attackers, and to continue to survive in God's World,
among the barbarians that we still are,
our ancient nations and religions . . .

  each representing
the cooperation of  diversity that Humanity requires  to exist,

  each defending
a  version of the unity that Humanity requires  to exist,

have each had to erect these many defensive mental and physical borders,
that now cripple God's Children, and divide Creation into them and us ,
 Use us as their Soldiers, their Crusaders, and their Missionaries, and
 Use up God's Resources to build killing machines, and
 Use Creation to destroy Creation.

But without their condemnation of each other,
 the followers would not curse God's Creation....

 And we could all just dance... 

. . dance knowing that we are ALL just the victims of different ancient lies,
                 but when we dance together then we are embracing Truth.

We were NOT BORN speaking these languages, saluting these flags, or worshipping these stones.
It was DONE to us.
We are not here to defend ancient borders and barbaric beliefs.
We are here to defend Creation from their hate, fear, greed, and war.

We are Humanity.

We must decide who, and what, we pledge, and / or, allegiance ourselves to.
Nations and religions are not qualified to tell God's Creation what to create,
and what of God's Creation we should Love and should Hate.
But THAT is what they will claim.

And THAT is why every family must defend it's children from nations and religions.
They are Inventions. They are Machines.
And their Priorities are NOT Human.

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