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Follow Your Heart

  We are each the ''food'' that ''feeds'' the future of Life.


  Every Living Thing on Earth KNOWS why they are here, nursing this rare Creation.

  Don't let anything, or anyone distract you from your reason for being alive.

  Teach your children to live for this evolving creation and to rise above the ignorance of our recent past.

  End the need to defend life from those who don't know why they are alive.

  Nurse, nurture, shelter, protect, admire, Love, discover and reveal.

  Participate For Life and the future of this evolving creation.

  May We all Bless God with our short time here in His Creation

- Thomas T. Panto  

For the Joy

  Once upon a distant time, in every village on earth, a small child looked up and asked,
      ''Father, Why is the sky Blue ?''.
  On that day, in every village on earth, the word, ''God'' was created.

  And in every village it was the Same God.

  These are NOT them:

The self appointed

  Must we believe their words ?

  Must we duplicate their deeds ?

who are we

  Should we murder and die for their war ?

  Or Live for Life's peace ?

living for, dying for

  What is this Earth For ?

who feeding what

  Which side should we be on ?

save which

  Why are we Alive ?


Every living thing will defend the future of Life from every attacker and it does not matter what nationality, what religion, what race, or even what species the attacker and the defender may be.

  Life will defend Life with it's Life.

  Life has risen here for millions of years because Life Nurtures Life and Life Loves Life.

  The survival of Life has always been your personal task. You feed Life.
  The rulers of invisbile borders and magic beliefs consume Humanity, and Life, to enrich themselves.
  The Rulers of territories and congregations will tell you to curse, condemn, invade and kill your brother.
  You have been given your own brain so that you can think about WHY YOU ARE ALIVE.

  Those who murder the Wisdom of the World, remain the Slave of Ignorance.

  When presidents and priest order you to curse, condemn, invade and kill your brother,
    then it is up to you to tell those presidents and priests WHY YOU ARE ALIVE.
  Don't expect God to do it for you. He never has, and He never will.
  Saving Creation from attackers is your task, and no one elses.
  You are Humanity. Nations and religions are NOT. They are but fabrications.

  We invented every language, nation and religion on earth and only we can save the world from their words.
  Presidents and priests have lied to your parents and lied to you.
  You were NOT born limited to speaking one language, saluting one flag, or worshipping one stone.
  It was done to you at a time when you were to young to defend yourself from lies made of mere words.
  Since birth, your parents, and you, were pledged, allegianced and indoctrinated into the servitude of a ruler.
  Presidents and priests lied to you.
  You are NOT ''german'', ''french'', ''american'' or whatever. You are Human.
  You are NOT ''christian'', ''muslim'', ''jew'' or whatever. You are Human.
  You are NOT a ''born sinner''.
  You are NOT ''pornography''.
  Your admiration of God's Creation is NOT ''lust''.
  You will NOT ''burn in hell'' for being what God created you to be.
  We are all fed by the same past, the same earth, and we all feed the same future, on the same earth.
  God did not make ''Them'' and ''Us''.
  God did NOT divide us.

  God did NOT invent the words that we were told.
  God did NOT tell us to build walls around borders, cathederals, and ourselves.
  God gave us eyes so we could SEE.
  God gave us a brain so we could KNOW.
  God gave us hormones so we could PARTICIPATE.
  God did NOT write words to curse our body, and polute our mind.
  God gave Life a world that is worthy of Admiration and Respect.

  God had nothing to do with our corruption.
  The Rulers of territories told you to attack and defend the wealth that YOU CREATED and THEY OWN.
  You are not alive to enslave or murder your brother for any territory's politician or priest.
  You are alive to defend Creation from every greedy president and priest...
    including your own presidents and priests.
  You are alive to Live For Life.

  You are alive to nurse, nurture, shelter and protect the weak from all sources of harm.
  You are alive to save creation from every attacker of creation, including our own lies and ignorance.
  You are alive to look, see, learn, teach, and elevate the future of Life, not to cripple it by repeating lies.
  Religions can not give you ''heaven'' for cursing and enslaving your brother into political or religious cults.

  To defend their lies from other thinkers, presidents and priests will try to use you to make war.
  Their condemnation of God's Children, of You, and all of God's Creation will NOT make a better world.
  Only YOU can do that.
  Life is Alive today, because Life has Loved Creation for what it is !
  ...and NOT because Life has Cursed Life for what rulers CLAIMED that Life is not.
  Only YOU, The Creation, can save Creation with your Love for Life.

  But meanwhile, WE, the obedient, patriotic followers of rulers, consuming the earth to build killing machines, and invading the world with promises of ''heaven'' and threats of ''hell'', force Humanity to consume the earth to build killing machines to defend the future of creation from us.

  We, forcing Humanty to use bullets and bombs will not elevate our children or anyone elses.
  There are no physical solutions to Humanity's mental problems.

  We, are NOT nations. We are NOT religions. We are alive. They are NOT.
  We are living inside the military mechanism that our ancient, barbaric, old world ancestors constructed.

  Our Founding Fathers invented America so that We the People could escape that empirical machine.
  Now, the Machine used our money, to install politicians, and used politicians to DEREGULATE itself.
  The Liberated machine now sets prices, sets wages, controls inflation to keep Americans laboring for it.
  The Liberated machine reduced the size of our government and the legal reach of OUR Justice department.
  Our government and justice department can no longer defend us from the greed of the deregulated machine.
  This Liberated machine now OWNS our once ''free press'', and OWNS the political parties and candidates.
  This Liberated machine slashed our government down to impotence and takes our money directly.
  This Liberated machine has Installed it's own Magistrates and Judges and operates with no oversight.
  Our Constitution, Government, Justice department, can no longer defend Humanity from the empirical machine.
  This Liberated machine now OWNS and REGULATES our Government, and Us.
  This Machine now uses the media it owns to TELL you what to believe, who to hate, who to invade,
    and who to kill ! ! !
  The machine now trains our children to worship their salesmen and serve the goal of the machine.

Hey Kids... Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Hale, Benedict Arnold, Chemistry, Geometry, Geography, Math, Market Share, Raw Materials, Labor Managment, Material Consumed, Volume Produced, Profit Margin, Marketing, Stocks, Bonds, Parashute Packages, Fashions, Gold, Diamonds, Pearls Mansions, Yahts and Skyscrapers...

After a life of labor, your time and money will buy lotions, potions and plastic surgery...
... but will never regain the life that was taken from you.

What happened to Human desires ? .. Human needs ? .. Who forbade and outlawed Humanity ?

  The priorities of machines are not those of Living Things.
  For centuries we've lived in the conflict between the words issued by machines and the Truth that created us.
  For centuries the wars have been between our machines, that use Humanity as soldiers and mechanics.
  We are the Creation that our machines now OWN, consume, dominate, and direct.
  Will a machine be ''happy'' when it has complete dominion over all of Creation ?
  What is Life worth to a machine ?
  What is a machine worth to Life ?

  Life is the product of a billion years of accumulating Truth.
  We, are not inventions. We are not expendible. We carry the wisdom of the world.
  We remain the inventors. We remain the Creation that Creates.
  Our nations are not Alive. Our religions are not God.

  We are not made of mere words issued by regional presidents and priests.
  We, are not here to murder Creation for the rulers of invisible borders and magic beliefs.
  We, are not here to salute their flags and worship their stones.
  We, are here to defend God's Creation from every attacker including our own Plantation Owners.
  Nations and religions are the product of our long history of ignorance.
  Their lies can only exist in the absense of Truth.

  Only We, can be inspired by the world that we see with the eyes that God gave us.
  Only We, can teach nations about Living Things.
  Only We, can teach religions about God.
  Bullets and bombs can not teach anything to anyone.
  Only WHEN SHARED can the WISDOM of the WORLD create a better place for God's Children.

  Who is now here consuming the earth to build killing machines and destroying the world that created Life ?
  Why have ALL the children in the entire world also invented a word for, ''Satan'' ?
  When Evil attacks Creation, why do ALL the children in the world look to God to save them ?

  Look above the Chaos of our rulers fabricated division made of mere words.
  Lift your eyes and ask, ''Why is the sky Blue?'', and then you will KNOW who gave you Life.
  You will also then KNOW who it was that told you to curse, condemn, invade, steal and kill Life for them.

  When you rise above your presidents and priests, then you approach the Truth.
  When you stop saluting their flags, worshipping their stones, and spreading their hate and prejudice,
  then you become able to see their greed for ownership,
  and opose their condemnation and destruction of the world.
  Life's World. Your World.

  Every Life is Alive to feed the future of Creation, not to eat it.

© Thomas T. Panto  

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We watch over the children, because killing and dying is so very easy that even the tiniest child can kill and die.

To save creation is the challenge that is worthy of a Human Mind.

Whether it is about colored, flavored, bleached starch and sugar water, or it is about global warming, we must have the courage to repair a world that we have broken.

Cartoons have taught little children to use Zap-Poof physical force to defeat various ''monsters'' here and overseas, but there are no ''aliens'' on this planet. We are all the defenders of Life. All a Family. Our Cartoons have lied to us.

These great and powerful nations that we have constructed for rulers, can not save Humanity, until we, the Human Beings, can save our Ancestors' accomplishments from our Ancestors' failures.