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Welcome       Whatever the Truth is, it is the same for all of Life on earth.
      When online and discussing the problems in our world,
      there needs to be a discussion about the CAUSES,
      so that prevention can be included, and pursued as a path
      to solving the issues of our time by replacing beliefs with Truth.


There is God

Deed Are Forever


   Your Turn




New Born Eyes Look to you to explain the mission of Life.

The Freedom to be Human

When their homes were on fire, then EVERY Human, that has EVER lived, whatever nationality, whatever religion, using whatever languages, has spoken the EXACT same words,
"Save the Children.".

This Nurturing of the Weak is What We Are.

This Nurturing of the Weak is why a million years of Humanity has endured and survived, even in the hardest of times.

The rest of what Humans are is something less than Alive, something made only of words, accepted and tolerated out of respect for our ancestors. Axioms.

Axioms... Something only Human. Something not alive, but only said, not felt or understood, or enjoyed, or suffered by any other living thing....

Mere Words.

Every ancient village and tribe invented languages, nations and religions to Unite all their people so they would share their efforts, talents and wisdoms and move, together, toward the one common goal ...

Life on Earth.

This cooperation between each person, and from generation to generation, made every village and tribe on earth successful. Each and every one surviving every storm, drought, heat, cold and flood by

sharing their accumulating wisdoms.
And, unfortunately, their Axioms.

As these tiny villages grew, they discovered that other villages had invented other languages, nations and religions, and had all survived, thrived and grown, even though their languages, nations and religions were all different, created of Mere Words.

All of this Humanity, thousands of diverse languages, nations and religions, survived for a million years because We have been, and still are, all the same. Our differences being but words.

Truth gave us Life.   Words gave us wars.

Only our inventions are different, but the Truth has been, is now, and forever will be, the Same for all of us.

Living Things exist on earth by Nurturing the Weak.

Wars are waged by the leaders of ancient empires, defending their words,
Fearing Truth,
Using us to kill Living Things for speaking different words.

But which Dictator Speaks for God?
Greedy "leaders", fearing to let go of the ancient lies that keep them in power, turn the children into obedient Patriots, Followers, Soldiers, Guards, Defenders, Slaves...
...into the Enforcer of Empires
...into the Attackers of Creation.
We do the fighting, but Only to Defend the Family from that war of Mere Words.

Although we do their killing for them, they are '' The Problem.''.
Since before kindergarten they have indoctrinated us into their servitude.

They Taught us our Prejudice.

We become the problem only while we follow those Empires.
We are the Solution all of the rest of Our Life and Our Time.
We, all Saving Children, as the ''House burns''.

Every minute of every day, every Human on earth is a Patriot to Life,
and is both the Follower and the Leader of Creation,
Misguided only by the words of various empires.
Enabled by Life, then crippled by local tradition,
By Axioms.

To decide how best to spend your one and only Life time,
you must be free to see The Truth that is visible only from
beyond borders, beyond beliefs, and beyond words.

Only You can be Inspired by the World.
Only You can teach empires about Living Things.
Only You can teach religions about God.

In this Universe, "Freedom" is You, when your Vision is left unlimited.

Trust Your Eyes

Reality is the Treasure

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