I waited for you in the summer rain...







I waited for you in the winter snow...




I watched for you across the sea...




I could feel your Life in the air at night...




Imagined you in the sun of day.




Seems like only Yesterday...




That our Life Began...




Then one day, you were gone...




And I still wait for you.









Honor the brave heroes on BOTH SIDES of every demilitarized zone.
They BOTH have sacrificed their lives to save their beloved families from
the ''Murderous Invaders'' of OUR planet,

  Medieval military Empires

Predators, seeking cheaper raw materials and cheaper slave labor,
the deregulated corporate chemical, biological military dictatorship,
the owners of the people, the printers of the money, the owners of the media,
want YOU to have smaller governments, ones they can control.
But you are a Living Thing.
What do you want ?
Don't let Life end this way.


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