From Hard Times ...

    Good Times

        ... are made from Our Times

From the beginning I remember being Loved

And from the beginning I remember Loving

Loving is where Happiness comes from

I learned this from all those who have Loved Me into becoming who I am.

I have been so Lucky

But Love shares even the hardest of times.

The Wet Times as well as the dry Times.

Giving Flight to Imaginations

Giving us reasons to look Forward in our dreams

Sharing The Curiosity

Companions in Adventures

Creating Joy From Mutual Affection

The Happiness of,

Life Touching Life

The Cause of Creation

Life Loving Life

Each, making our best of bad situations

becoming each other's Heroes,

And we,
becoming each other's Heroes,

Even in the hardest of Times

And, in the end...


Because of Love
We Will Miss Each Other...

  And Someday, also, Be Missed.

  Sad ? Yes.   But because we Loved Life, therefore, We Lived !
  Here, where every deed, however great or small, remains on earth forever.

... it goes on ...

Love Creating Life

... on and on ...


... Loving and Loved ...


and so,

Creation Continues

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Love Created Life