Freedom Properly Defined :

"Water is Wet"


Humanity, like water,
Spends much time being channeled along...

The Masses

By the gentle slopes of trickling streams...

County Rounds

And the rocky banks of raging rivers...

Concrete Jungle

All pouring down to some boring endless sea.


Water adapts to the shape of the restraints,


But rivers are neither endings nor beginnings.
Water has a greater Mission and Higher Goal.

Sky High.


OUR LIFE is the FREEDOM to be like Water,
To rise above it all,
Free to see beyond all borders,
Free to wander as a Cloud,
Collecting Wisdom from all over.

As Clouds

In the Freedom of the sky is Our Life.

Here we Shine as Rain.

Reach For The sky

As Clouds Unlimited,
We cross the world's entirety,
Able to see and know who we are,
And what we are here to do.

Here is where we use

Our Ability.

From here, in FREEDOM,
We FEED Life.

Reach For The sky

The Creators of Life's Destiny.

Reach For The sky

The Natural State of our True Being.

BEING the Father and Mother of Life's Future.

Reach For The sky

It is   OUR life   ONLY then,

When Living in the FREEDOM.

Reach For The sky

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