Vicious Predators Defined :      
    1. Make Baby
  2. Feed Baby

Darn it !
Those vicious greedy predators are everywhere !


Their babies are So Annoying !


Baby may not need shoes, but is always hungry !


It's a shame that animals have to eat whatever they can find.

I won't let them eat you.

Would be nice if they plowed, planted and farmed.

I Just Love Our Farm

Even better if they shopped at the corner store.

Ya want something from the kitchen ?

And just went to a refrigerator for a cookie.

There's more, if you're still hungry.

And a glass of fresh squeezed.

I don't know. What do you want to do?

Would be so nice.

I don't know. What do you want to do?

So peaceful.

Just grab a snack and curl up, all cozy, to sleep.

Good Night Love

Nothing more to do but enjoy each other's company.

Puddles can be fun

To bad animals must become vicious predators to feed their babies.

Sorry about your Mom.

I bet they all wonder...

People are strange

What's Our Excuse ? !

For being Vicious Cannibals !

People are strange

The Higher animals don't even need shoes !

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