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* Symbol of Love

An awkward moth of simple form,
Found joy in Gods creations,
With her single season of life,
And upon her fragile wings,
She flew across the world,

Finaly one day, her season gone,
With tired wings, all frayed and torn,
She came to earth, one final time,
In a field of her beloved flowers.

And she so loved the flowers,
That in her dying hours,
She raised her head, and asked ,
"Dear God...
...if you love your flowers as I do,
then give me one more hour to love them for you."

The wind sobbed softly,
And the sun grew dim,
The sky began to rain.
Flowers wilted in their sadness.
and creatures cried, "Take I, Take I".

All earth trembled, turned and wept,
"Good bye".

And God was moved.

"I will patch your wings with colorings...
And give you life for many seasons.
For much more than I love flowers,
I love love itself.
And that is what you are.

While you've been loving my Creation,
I've been loving you.
Rise now, as my Butterfly,
And from this day, as you've loved all,
So You be loved by all Creation.

And so began the Butterfly. God's Symbol of Pure Love.

  Thomas Tamas Panto Feb 21, 1998


    She doesn't know how rare it is, that she flies through the air,
    Nor knows that she pollinates, and gives life to so many.

    Neither she knows what joy she brings, to the hearts of those who can see.

    How lovingly the onlookers stare. What protection from harm she has earned,
    For her beauty that she can not see. For her caring that comes so naturally.

    How those who can see her wish, their lives could be so Happy,
    So loved. So blind. So truly free.
           Thomas T. Panto

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