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I was born here in this Amazing Place.

In a Nursery surrounded by Life.

Among the Dancing Trees.

Where Life clings to the Earth.

Where the Tiny are Sheltered by the Great

Where the Tiny feed the flowers in Gratitude.

Raising this Symphony Of Life.

Enduring the storms, and recovering.

Continuing our Song.


Seeding the Earth with Wonder.

Together Strong.

Turning a World of Stone to Green.

Filling the Emptiness with Life.

Each Feeding the other.

Life Spreading Life across a World.

As we sit sipping tea.

As we sit... acting silly.

What will this World be ?
With us, and Without us ?

The Trees Wait Patiently,
as we scurry about.

The Trees know they have their Place,
and their Purpose here.

Do We ?

Dear God of our Beautiful World,
Help Me To Be What Life Needs.

The Moral of Our Story of Life

Cause and effect

It has been the Admiration of Creation that has given me my JOYS.
It has been the Neglect of Creation that has given me my SORROWS.

We should try to be the parents of our future rather than the offspring of our past.

ART: Nancy Gray 2008
Thomas T. Panto 2008

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