From the very beginning,
Humans have always known what Peace is...

Over the last few thousand years, countless crusading armies have invaded,
Bringing their words, their weapons, and wars onto our Earth.
Again and again, though damaged, Poland has survived.

Generation after generation,
Countless Fathers have sacrificed their lives,
Defending the peaceful beauty of this great land.

So, again today,

Life can walk this Earth without fear.

The Words, Weapons and Wars now fade away into History.

Once again, Poland, and Humanity, have survived the war of mere words.

The invasions by barbarians are quickly forgotten,
and the blessings of Human Cooperation are once again enjoyed.

This ancient Earth returned,

To doing its great work in Peace.

Humanity still seeks Peace and Freedom,
Wandering across the countryside,
Wondering where Life and Peace may be protected...
... away from the conflicting remnants of History.

Every living thing on earth seeks to find
a peaceful place to feed and raise its offspring...
without the demandments, threats, and enforcements of,
or dependancy on,
The Owners of ''Civilizations.''.

The Links on this page will take you to Places full of People seeking Peace.
The photos and accounts are from contributing readers just like us...

Lives Seeking Peace.

We've Berries enough for All.

None shall hunger, while we plant the seeds of sweet berries...



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