From the very beginning,
Humans have always known what Peace is...

We are a Family of Life called, ''Humanity'',
And for thousands of years, we've walked across the continents,
Seeking to enjoy our Life, in Peace.

We are the countless generations of Parents,
Loving Life, Loving Family,
Raising fragile Children higher, and ever higher,
Developing, perfecting, elevating,
Sharing our accumulating, ever growing talents,
Creating new abilities, possibilities, communities,
With our Family,

As Life has done everywhere, so Life has done here,
In what seemed an endless Black Forest,
A vast green oasis of Life, Living in tranquil peace,
Soon, to be lovingly named,  


But, there once was a ''Roman Empire'',
Training the continent to live for kings,
Training children to live for an ''Afterlife'',
  And Not for Life,
Training the Craftsmen to build weapons,
Training the children to build Armies,
  Trapping Life in perpetual fear, slavery and violence.
Requiring the construction of borders.
Perpetually Guarded.

The fathers, mothers and babies endured,
As the continent was forced to defend all Life,
From the murder weapons,
Built, carried and used by waves of clashing Armadas.

For Centuries,
Humanity Defended Life from the slaves of various Rulers.
Life surviving the Crusading armies of obedient followers,
Misguided Cannibals, promising ''heaven'', promising ''Freedom'',
But delivering only Hell.

In villages all across the continent,
As these Empires grew,
decisions were made, by all,
  to Endure and Survive,
Under Rule.

The Empires of Rulers have always fallen in defeat,
Defeating themselves by destroying their own people.

Today, different Empires rule over Human lives,
Following still, the Holy Slave Model set by the Roman Empire,
Now even more dependant on slavery, weapons and raw materials.

These Empires will continue rising and falling, as all Empires do,
As they destroy the Lives of those on whom they depend.
As they destroy the earth, in their attempt to ''Own'' it.
Never having enough slaves to satisfy their greeds.

All the while, Life goes on.
Eon after Eon,
Always outliving the Empires and their war of greed.
Life, enduring them all, with their Love of Life, and of Peace.


Always moving, and moving on...

Seeking whatever Peace can be found.

Today, that Journey continues...

Each person still seeking to be left in Peace.

As it has been, so it now is,

We don't have to eat what is put before us.

Every living thing on earth seeks to find
a Peaceful Place to Feed and Raise its offspring...
without the demandments, threats, and enforcements of,
or dependancy on,
The Rulers of Empires.

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Lives Seeking Peace.

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