From the very beginning,
Humans have always known what Peace is...

In the last two hundred years,
A mysterious desert has been expanding,
Killing the endless green forests and fields,
in Ethiopia,
Near the place where Human life began.  

As the plants and animals died,
decisions had to be made,
to continue eating, or die and be eaten.

The survivors gathered up their families,

Abandoned their villages,

To rebuild their lives along the rivers,
Until the rivers also ran dry,

Finally moving to build their cities along the coast,
Concrete refugee camps,
Where their lives would never again be the same.

Rules were made by the owners of the shelters, foods and waters,
Market rules, made neither for, nor made by, The People.

The Human Cooperation that once Created Humanity,
Now struggled in the conflict of dual missions,
To serve the future of life, or serve the owners of a civilization.

It has only been two hundred years since the forest died,
And already,
Human Life on earth is now mere folklore.
Mere songs of Love, accompanied by guitars.

For the shelter, the food, and the water,
that once grew from the earth for free,
City People, living without their forest, must now beg.

Desperate people, doing desperate things,
Dependant on tourists and strangers, for their family's survival,

Like the people of Washington DC and New York,
Their happiness, their freedom, their Life,
And their Forest,   Gone,
Now Dependant on the Kindness and Goodness of distant strangers,
Who bring them water, food, and fuel ... for a price.

Humanity still seeks Peace and Freedom,
Moving, and moving on...from store to store...
From movie theater to Broadway show...
Seeking answers from TVs...
Wondering where Peace may be found...
... on weekends, vacations, and days off.

When a forest becomes a desert,
The people soon follow...
Deserted and Deserting...
Seeking Peace...
Seeking Freedom...

Every living thing on earth seeks to find
a peaceful place to feed and raise its offspring...
without the demandments, threats, and enforcements of,
or dependancy on,
The Owners of a ''Civilization.''.

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Lives Seeking Peace.

Thomas T. Panto 2008

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