Boston Harbor  

From the very beginning,
Humans have always known what Peace is...

After all these centuries,
How many have viewed this Peaceful sky ?

Can such a thing be known ?

How many have known this Quiet ?
How many have known this Freedom ?

Can such a thing be known ?

For how many centuries,
How many have found Peace
Beneath this sky ?

Can such a thing be known ?

Now, after all these centuries,
How many hardly notice,
The Potential for Peace,
Beneath this Ancient sky ?

That too, can not be known.

Night falls.
Birds, and people, quietly nesting.
Life sleeps with the sound of waves,
Finding Peace in Dreams.

Before you know it,
Already Morning,

Another chance to enjoy,
The Peace of Boston Harbor.

Every living thing on earth seeks to find
a peaceful place to feed and raise its offspring...
without the demandments, threats, and enforcements of,
or dependancy on,
The Owners of a ''Civilization.''.

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Lives Seeking Peace.

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