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From the very beginning,
Humans have always known what Peace is...

For millions of years,
Those who protected the trees,
And cared for life in the world,
Enjoyed its evolving fruit.

Then, among the Volcano Worshipers,
A ''ruler'' donned a crown.
Proclaimed himself beautiful,
Proclaimed Creation ugly,
Demanded worship and obedience,
  Called for Human sacrifice,
Commanded a persecution,
    In his greed for power and glory.

As armies formed to attack and to defend Creation,
From the self-proclaimed rulers,
For the self-proclaimed rulers,
The Beauty and Peace in Eden  ENDED.
And the war between truth and lies began.

Among our villagers,
Decisions had to be made,
To stay and be consumed by Evil,
Or find another Eden,

In villages all across the continent,
Decisions were made,
To escape the carnage,
Demanded by tiny little rulers,
Of tiny little empires.

So began the populating of this earth,

Life in search of Peace.

Always moving, and moving on...

Until Peace could be found.

Today, that Journey continues...

Each person still seeking to be left in Peace.

As it has been, so it now is,

We don't have to eat what is put before us.

Every living thing on earth seeks to find
a Peaceful Place to Feed and Raise it's offspring...
without the demandments, threats, and enforcements of,
or dependancy on,
The   Cannibalistic Neanderthals.

The Links on this page will take you to Places full of People seeking Peace.
The photos and accounts are from contributing readers just like us...

Lives Seeking Peace.

Thomas T. Panto 2008

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