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  From the Desk of   Thomas T. Panto

My Facebook page was censored and diabled after I told 3000+ friends to help stop
our murder weapons being given to countries that murder
innocent men, women children babies and unborn fetuses
in Palestine, Lebabnon , Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran
to control the PRICE of and the ACCESS to OUR Mid East OIL in Saudi Arabia.
On memorial day, after 300+ friends shared my post revealing my observation in VietNam.
My profile page was deleted by Face Book and every post I shared across the world vanished.
The Facebook danger is a BORDERLESS WORLD of CENSORING truth while allowing
the distribution of Lying propaganda without equal time for oposing political opinions and religious beliefs.

 Eight years of work, friends, photos and shared posts
vanished from the borderless world of Facebook.
my FB access was again blocked and membeship deleted on memorial day 2019
by the FB enforcers of CENSORSHIP after over 300 people liked and shared my eye witness account of our deeds in Vietnam with the folowing share...

If you have a few minutes,

Please save the future of Creation.

            Thank You.

Welcome Home

  We were not born LIMITED to ONE language,
ONE nationality or ONE religion.
  "Freedom"  is the permission to become a Human.
Free to learn without limits, then
  correct our governments and religions so they too support Living Things,
  in the same way that   Living Things   always have,   but now struggle to do.


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